"...Tal Bergman, a man whose insanely varied CV lists drumming stints with Billy Idol, LL Cool J, Rod Stewart, Chaka Khan, Terence Trent D'Arby and Joe Zawinul (a dinner‑party grouping that would surely have thrown up some interesting exchanges)..."


Selected Recordings. no particular order


SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY  [you can scroll down for some videos]

2018 Lost souls Loreena McKennitt                             Drums, Percussion 

2017 The Groove Cubed Rock Candy Funk Party       Producer, Featured Artist, Executive Producer, Composer, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Additional Keys 

2016 Stages Live  Josh Groban                                     Drum Programming,  Drums, Percussion 

2016 Secret Sky Secret Sky                                         Drums, Percussion 

2016 The Nice Guys [Original Motion Picture Score]     Drums,Percussion 

2015 Groove is King  Rock Candy Funk Party                 Producer, Featured Artist, Executive Producer, Composer, Drums, Percussion 

2015 Live at Radio City Music Hall  Joe Bonamassa  Drums 

2015 Stages  Josh Groban                                                Drum Programming, Drums, Percussion 

2015 All the Love  Jennifer Harper                               Producer, Drums, Percussion

2014 Rock Candy Funk Party Takes New York - Live at The Iridium [DVD],[CD]    Producer, Featured Artist, Executive Producer, Composer, Drums 

2014 Future's Past  Dave Mason                                  Drums 

2014 The Journey So Far: The Best of Loreena McKennitt  Loreena McKennitt     Drums, Percussion 

2014 The Art of McCartney                                           Drums, Percussion, Engineer 

2014 Tour de Force: Live in London - Hammersmith Apollo  Joe Bonamassa       Drums 

2014 Tour de Force: Live in London - Royal Albert Hall  Joe Bonamassa                 Drums 

2014 Tour de Force: Live in London - Shepherd's Bush Empire  Joe Bonamassa   Drums 

2013 Más Que Amor  Il Volo                                         Drum Programming, Drums 

2013 We Want Groove  Rock Candy Funk Party        Producer, Featured Artist, Executive Producer, Composer, Drums, Percussion 

2012 Beacon Theatre: Live from New York  Joe Bonamassa                                     Drums 

2012 SkyWorlds  Two Steps From Hell                         Drums 

2012 Flesh & Blood  Sandi Thom                                   Drums, Percussion 

2012 Habítame Siempre  Thalía                                     Drums, Percussion 

2012 We Are Love  Il Volo                                               Drum Programming, Drums, Rhythm Programming

2011 Lennon Bermuda                                        Drums  

2011 Fast Train to a Quiet Place  Brian Hughes         Drums, Darabukka 

2011 A Very Special Christmas, Vols. 1-2  Luther Vandross                           Drums 

2011 Il Volo  Il Volo                                                         Drum Programming, Drums, Percussion, Percussion Programming 

2010 Due Voci  Due Voci                                              Drums, Percussion, Programming 

2010 Invincible  Two Steps From Hell ‎                        Drums

2010 Jacobson's Organ  Ronny Katz                           Drums

2008 26 Letters 12 Notes  Dave Mason                       Drums, Percussion 

2010 Long Road Home  Patricia Bahia                       Engineer, Drums, Percussion 

2008 A Midwinter Night's Dream  Loreena McKennitt                 Drums, Percussion 

2008 A Very Special Christmas Playlist Plus   Drums 

2008 The Rolling Stones Project  Tim Ries                Drums 

2007 Nights from the Alhambra [DVD]  Loreena McKennitt       Drums, Percussion 

2007 Nancy Drew  [Original Soundtrack]                     Drums, Percussion

2007 After Dark  Lisa Hilton                                           Drums 

2007 Grooove, Vol. 1  Tal Bergman&Ron DeJesus   Primary Artist, Composer, Producer, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Engineer  

2007 Live  Brian Hughes                                                 Drums 

2007 Meowbaby  Danny Lerman                                  Producer, Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Composer 

2007 Nights from the Alhambra  Loreena McKennitt                 Drums, Percussion 

2007 The Party  Flavio Bala                                          Drums, Percussion

2007 Third Ear  Maimon and the Mongoose Band    Engineer, Mixing, Drum Programming 

2007 Star Of The West  Imperial Crowns ‎                       Percussion 

2007 Our Nights  Izhar Ashdot                                       Drums

2007 Sane  Shlomo Artzi                                                 Percussion 

2006 An Ancient Muse  Loreena McKennitt                Drums, Percussion 

2006 Brick                                                                              Producer 

2006 Things Will Be Better: The Best of David Broza  David Broza        Drums, Percussion 

2006 Wicked Little High  Bird York                                Drums, Loops 

2006 Whatever the Sky Give  Nurit Galron                   Drums, Percussion 

2006 Harel Skaat  Harel Skaat                                       Drums, Percussion

2005 Just Like Heaven [Original Soundtrack]            Drums, Percussion

2005 Bloom  Eric Johnson                                             Drums, Engineer  

2005 Click Clack  Chris Spedding                              Engineer, Main Personnel, Drums 

2005 My Favorite Things  Lisa Hilton                          Main Personnel, Drums 

2005 On the Mark  Mark Hollingsworth                     Drums, Production Assistant 

2005 The Great American Songbook  Rod Stewart  Associate Producer, Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Programming 

2005 The Groove Divinities  The Groove Divinities  Drums, Beats 

2005 A Touch Away  Izhar Ashdot                               Drums, Percussion

2004 Firefly  Greg Adams                                              Main Personnel, Drums 

2004 Jazz After Hours  Lisa Hilton                             Main Personnel, Drums 

2004 My Music, My Friends, My Time  Oskar Cartaya      Drums, Engineer

2004 Breathing Down to Zero  Rona Kenan               Percussion

2004 Personal choices  Rafi Ginat                              Drums, Percussion

2004 Raven: The Classics  Gabrielle Roth                 Bongos, Dumbek, Tambourine, Percussion, Overdubs 

2003 Bakhol  Yaniv                                                        Drums 

2003 In the Mood for Jazz  Lisa Hilton                      Drums, Congas 

2003 Velvet Hour  Bird York                                         Drums, Loops 

2003 That's The Way For Me  Erann DD                    ‎Percussion 

2002 A Walk to Remember  [Original Soundtrack]       Drums 

2002 It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook  Rod Stewart   Associate Producer, Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Programming 

2002 One Step Ahead of the Blues  Chris Spedding   Drums, Percussion 

2001 Feeling Good  Lisa Hilton                                   Drums, Congas, Bongos, Percussion 

2001 Ziroq  Ziroq                                                          Drums, Percussion 

2000 Same Girl Once  Camilla                                    Drums 

2000 Cocktails at Eight...  Lisa Hilton                        Drums 

1999 Night in a Strange Town  Lynn Miles               Drums, Percussion 

1999 One Truth  Omar Faruk Tekbilek                      Drums 

1999 Open the Window  Rita                                      Drums

1998  Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too  New Radicals      Drums

1998 Beyond Pink  Barbie                                           Drum Programming 

1998 Danny's Island  Danny Lerman                         Producer, Drums, Drum Programming, Percussion Programming, Composer 

1998 Le Tour de la Question  MC Solaar                  Drums, Percussion

1998 Kaveret in the Park  Kaveret                              Drums, Percussion

1998 Milkman  Phranc                                                 Drums

1998 A wee bit  Ehud Banai                                         Drums, Percussion

1998 Two Good  A sacred cow                                  Percussion 

1997  I'm Scared, You're Scared {Cloud Eyes}  Qkumba Zoo   Radio remix, Drums, Programming 

1997 Passion Dance  Herb Alpert                              Drums 

1997 Wedding Bell Blues [Original Soundtrack]      Producer, Remixing, Performer, Primary Artist 

1997 You're the Inspiration: A Collection  Peter Cetera           Percussion 

1997 From Now On  Robin S. ‎                                    Drums 

1996 My People  Joe Zawinul                                    Drums, Hi Hat, Percussion 

1996 Back Room Blood  Gerry Goffin ‎                     Drums

1995 Back from the Living  Stevie Salas                Percussion 

1995 Boyz of Paradize  Boyz of Paradize                Drums 

1995 Good News from the Next World  Simple Minds       Drums 

1995 All That...And Born To Mack - Live In Japan  Stevie Salas Colorcode   ‎  Drums 

1995 People                                                                  Drums, Drum Overdubs 

1995 For Example  IV Xample ‎                                  Drums 

1995 Out of the ruins  Michael Patishi                    Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming

1994 Rats  Sass Jordan                                             Percussion  

1993 Cyberpunk  Billy Idol                                         Drums 

1993 Here Not There  Jane Child                             Drums, Percussion 

1993 Real  Belinda Carlisle                                       Primary Artist, Drums, Percussion 

1993 The Electric Pow Wow  Stevie Salas ‎            Drums 

1993 The Collection  Shlomo Artzi                          Drums 

1992 A Very Special Christmas, Vol. 2 Luther Vandross                 Drums 

1992 The Woman I Am  Chaka Khan                     Drums, Percussion 

1992 Rumors Of A Dead Man  Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.             Drums  

1992 World Falling Down  Peter Cetera                  Percussion 

1991 Man  Pop's Cool Love                                       Drums 

1987 Distant Echoes  Shlomo Bat-Ain ‎                   Drums 

1984 Initiation  Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors         Bongos, Dumbek, Tambourine, Percussion 

1984 Riding on the Wind  Gali Atari                         Percussion

1983 Frames  Danny Robas                                       Percussion

1983 Family Album  Shem Tov Levi                         Percussion

1983 40:06  Gidi Gov                                                   Percussion

1983 Must move  Margalit Ankory                           Percussion

1982 Country Sun - songs between East and West  Shem Tov Levi      Drums, Percussion 

1981 Midnight  Shlomo Artzi                                        Drums, Percussion 


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